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KNOTNEON is a tradition-based, yet reinterpreted concept, which alloys the atmosphere of retro neon signs with small series modern design lightning. Besides the untapped potential of neon lights’ elaboration process, the main source of inspiration was researching on knotting techniques mainly used by sailing. This process and research have became the dominant elements of the composition.

My intention was to sneak the vibes of neon lights into the lamp and to emphasize the graphics of knots in their making, which was all possible due to neon technology’s attributes in realizing designs from glass tubes. KNOTNEON therefore is creating atmosphere, has a minimal-industrial style, but could easily assimilate to retro or steampunk interiors as well.

By making the design, the first and most important task was to pinpoint its integration of elements, their metamorphosis and hierarchy within. The rope’s transformation into a lightning fixture, the transcendent world and support role of the capsule and the necessary technical elements’ internalization to the composition has all served as bases for the design process.

Special thanks to Decorlight Kft. (

knotneon, 2021, Budapest, 25x60 cm

neon technique, metal and rope

the making process



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