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Magma is part of the series, Captured. It is a cast glass object combined with metal, using the materials to work and breathe together in the composition. The smoothness of the glass is being in contrast with its metal frame, yet the represented waves are in a sort of delusive harmony.

Magma is made with a technique, called the "hollow core casting" which is not only giving the piece more expressive outlooks by the inner layering and negative shape but an additional meaning - the void, the space and air that is present.

About Captured:
The captured series is about the hard work of finding ways for someone to enter another person’s emotional world by understanding their narrative. It is empathy towards one another, all in the language of the materials. A language which translates very differently to everyone, yet unknowingly making the person discover something within themselves by the effort of explaining what they see and feel.
I include mirrors in my works, because art is never truly verbal – just like emotions or the true sensations are mostly unspeakable – and as they are unsaid, you fill the void, and it reflects on you. Mirrors represent this, but the thing is, you cannot see them, as you rarely realize this mechanism. It is under the object, under every layer, refracting the light, shining through the thickness of the glass.

cast glass, metal frame, about 25x15 cm

Magma, 2022, Stockholm



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