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Imaginature at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

A collection of glass insects, water creatures and plants seemingly captured from a realm beyond our universe are presented in “Imaginature” by Mira Davida (b. 1997, Hungary).

The specimens’ otherworldly appearances inspire awe, curiosity, and unease despite their intimate sizes and fragile bodies. Presented in laboratory-like environments, one can safely observe each creature’s unique characteristics and poses; some seem to dance while others seem ready to strike in self-defense.

The intricate details which expose veins on wings or spiky thorns on a body are created through a technique known as flameworking which is a fast paced and demanding process. As Davida describes, it is like sketching with glass. The fluidity of hand and improvisation required to create objects through flameworking allows Davida to be expressive and share her own interpretations of nature. The creatures she brings to life are intended to be weird and strange looking and from this aesthetic, she promotes the uncanny potential of glass. Places where the artist lives also influences the outcome of her works. The cold harshness of Swedish winters or time spent in the unfamiliar forests around her home are some of the experiences guiding the artist’s body and mind through her process of creating with glass.

Curation and text by Anne Klontz

Part of Craft Week Stockholm, organized by Konsthantverkscentrum

Group show titled "Fresh Brew"

Participating artists: Anneli Tegelberg, Bhumika Sethi, Bogil Lee, Camille Barrington-Wood, Ciara Neufeldt, Cornelia Dahlin, Gustaf Helsing, Hanna Havdell, Ida Netterberg, Johan Ibrahim Adam, Judit Fritz, Karina Nøkleby Presttun, Linda Nurk, Lisa Englund, Maëva Weissen, Malin Pierre, Mariona Miquel Ros, Marta Veiga, Miriam Johannesson, Nina Johansson, Rosita Ståhl

October 5-22, 2023



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