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Imaginature / MFA degree project at Konstfack

The general purpose of the project is to argue that aesthetic experience is intertwined with various emotional stages. I attempt to decipher the meaning of an imagined or recreated nature - landscape and creatures - and use the flow process and unconscious tactile experience of these images to translate my visions into the multifaceted material of glass. This is made possible by the technique of flameworking/lampworking which is a uniquely expressive, precise technique that gives immediate feedback to every action from the otherwise distant glass material.

To undertake this challenge, I aspire to understand the unconscious emotional connections of nature to humans, as well as the related notions of the uncanny and the corporeal.The creatures that I've made are imprints of the uncanny and sublime experience of glass, nature and human.

This project had been the accumulation of a long investigation of my intentions of self-expression and the place I would one day want to claim within the craft field.

It was first presented in 2023, May and Konstfack University of Art and Design, as part of my Masters Degree Exhibition in Stockholm. 

Photography credits due to Oscar Nord (IG:@oscnrd)

Imaginature, 2023, Konstfack, Stockholm



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