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the melted ones

The inventory of practical elements of glassblowing, and the criterias of functional object design have served as the basis for the creation of these candleholders. The inner visual world has interested me: the notion that glass might be the only mouldable material which is capable of transparency with an element of surprise in the making. I worked out a flexible mould in which I could combine and alter the elements easily during the creation process. Using this, I sought after to test the limits of the material and the occurring possibilities of its manufacturing method. Whereas my prior goal was to see how these caothic, melting shapes meet in a bipolar unity. I have carried out the functionality of my design through the analogy of oil candles and capillary movement. Glass fibres bring the oil to the top, where it burns like a candle. Light is making the object complete by moving through and illuminating the shapes.

melted ones, 2018, Budapest, 40x15 cm

blown and glued glass



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