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tales of the moon

The Tales of The Moon project is a collection of glasses made with paté de verre technique combined with flameworking. Each of the glasses are somewhat representations of a physical and a symbolic moon. They are all different yet related in a profound way. Their symbols connect and explain each other, as we are interpreting them, they are unfolding their own individuality and place in the unity.

Different people, cultures and beliefs have evolved throughout the history of humankind with various questions, mythologies and religions. Even though they were distant chronologically or geologically, their interests have somehow always been similar, as they tried to answer the origin of the world and themselves, their identity and their surrounding’s nature. These fundamental questions have created the God figures: personified phenomenons which they had to respect and love in order to be protected in navigating the unpredictable entropy of the ever-changing world.

How is that, we explain our experiences so similarily even though we feel so distant and individual? Aren’t we all the same in a way? How and why are we all connected in this profound way?

Tales of the Moon, 2021, Budapest, dm:35 cm

pate de verre, wooden frame



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