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rising from the ashes

Phoenix is the mythical legend of the bird which beholds the capability of resurrecting itself. Bursting in flames, it turns into ash and passes away, giving place to the rebirth afterwards. The circulation of consuming the old self to generate the new is eternal and inevitable and appears in many spiritual teaching. Sometimes destroying is the key to create and enter a new stage of existence. It happens in nature as well as in our minds where we all go through similar changes time to time. I aimed to capture the ongoing process of the phoenix’s metamorphosis by the transcendency of cast glass. The two ‚self’ appear as two stages of being, showing the past and the future by a frozen moment in space. The composition is enriched by the alternations of the polished velvety surface with the glass’ many faces of roughness.

Phoenix, 2019, Jerusalem, 20x25 cm

cast, sandblasted glass



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