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the medusae

An aquarium is a tiny piece of ocean in your room: a magnifying spectacle, a tactilely soothing scenery of nature. Bubbles float by and the transcendence of light is moving through the dense atmosphere of the water. Medusae defiantly sit on the surface with their wide bubble heads and hollow bodies among their many arms. Plants could sit here, plants which lack the roots yet could find home inside the caves of the glasses. Their dynamic movement could not deter the small fish to find shelter in the shiny, smooth caves and holes of the glass. They have used it as a playground, they swimmed across it and slept under the bubbles. It is like they have finally gotten something to constantly surprise them. Art has assimilated with its spectators and why would not we try to achieve that even when they are simply tiny guppies?

Medusae, 2017, Budapest, 15x5 cm

flameworked glass



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