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gemius project

The human behind data is a project for the Gemius Hungary Ltd., designed and realised by a team of three designers. The brief was to make an installation for their office environment by finding ways to create an interactive and spectacular object which also expresses and visualizes the company’s professional activity. Since the company works with statistics, data and market research, the people mostly appear anonimously, forming a collection or a set of numbers which then are processed through various stages of research. Thinking of this process, the installation has two sides which can be turned easily by its metal frame structure changing the understanding of the appearing image. The suspended glass pieces are mobile and sensible in both stages. One side reveals human face silhouettes, the other shows numbers as the data becomes human - and back. It’s only a matter of choice which side are you on.

gemius, 2016, Budapest, 250x100 cm

steel frame, painted and kilnworked glass



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